Multilingual Fortification Dictionary

The Multilingual Fortification Dictionary (MFD) contains a illustrated list of fortifications and their translations in multiple languages (Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish).


For a definition of the World War II Atlantikwall, see: /files/Atlantikwall_definition_of_a_phenomenon.pdf

The IFC is considering to add new languages and new time periods, eventually including the ‘concrete’ and ‘reinforced concrete century’. IFC and EFFORTS will cooperate. See letter: /files/20181029_Efforts-IFC_MFD.pdf


You are invited to use the dictionary and to send comments etc. to the Secretariat, that will forward the comments to the Multilingual Fortification Dictionary Working Group. For a list of members of the Multilingual Fortification Dictionary Working Group see under the tab Contact.


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A: Basic forms of fortification

B: Extensions, annexes, superstructures, expansions

C: Bastion systems

D: Advanced works in bastioned systems

E: Detached works

F: Designations, profiles, construction lines and angles in bastion-systems

G: Directions of fire

H: Places of arms

J: Barricades and materials

K: Hydraulic constructions

L: Shelters, bunkers and casemates

M: Siege works and -instruments