Multilingual Fortification Dictionary

The Multilingual Fortification Dictionary (MFD) contains a illustrated list of fortifications and their translations in multiple languages (Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish).


NEW: For a definition of the World War II Atlantikwall, see under the Tab Activities.

The IFC is considering to add new languages and new time periods, eventually including the ‘concrete’ and ‘reinforced concrete century’. At the next General Assembly of the IFC this will be discussed.


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A: Basic forms of fortification

B: Extensions, annexes, superstructures, expansions

C: Bastion systems

D: Advanced works in bastioned systems

E: Detached works

F: Designations, profiles, construction lines and angles in bastion-systems

G: Directions of fire

H: Places of arms

J: Barricades and materials

K: Hydraulic constructions

L: Shelters, bunkers and casemates

M: Siege works and -instruments