The 27th General Assembly of the International Fortress Council was held in Jülich (Germany) on October 20th, 2017.


President Andrea Theissen (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung (DGF), Germany) and Vice-President Luc Fellay (Association Saint-Maurice d’Etudes Militaires (ASMEM), Switzerland) were both at the end of their three years terms.

The General Assembly unanimously appointed Andreas Kupka (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung (DGF), Germany) President of the International Fortress Council and Marc Gayda (Association Vauban, France)
Vice-President of the International Fortress Council.



President IFC, Andrea Theissen, about to handover the ‘Presidents hammer’ to Andreas Kupka.

From left to right:

Luc Fellay, Andrea Theissen, Marc Gayda, ANDREAS Kupka, Luc Olyslager (Simon Stevin, Belgium).


The new Forttours Calendar for 2018 and 2019 is ready (See Tab Calendar).

The next General Assembly will probably be held in Fort Bard (Aosta Valley, Italy). The date is et for October 12th.


By means of this letter the International Fortress Council (IFC) would like to express its support to the nomination of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, (Dutch Waterline) as an extension of the existing UNESCO World Heritage: Stelling van Amsterdam.

The International Fortress Council (IFC) was founded in 1989 by the following organisations interested in the study of fortifications: Simon Stevin VVC (Belgium; VVC stands for Vlaams Vestingbouwkundig Centrum or Flemish Fortress Centre); Deutsche Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung (Germany); Fortress Study Group (U.K.), and the initiator, the Stichting Menno van Coehoorn (The Netherlands). Later similar organisations joined the IFC: Association Vauban (France); Nacionalna Udrug za Fortifikacije (Croatia), Czech Association for Military History (Czech Republic), Frënn vun der Festungsgeschicht Lëtzebuerg (Luxemburg), Association Saint-Maurice d’Etudes Militaires (Switzerland); Coast Defence Study Group (USA).

The IFC unites these organisations from various countries engaged in the protection and study of their national fortified heritage as well as spreading the knowledge about it. Within the IFC these various organisations exchange their knowledge and experiences in that field. If needed they give mutual support.

The Dutch Waterline is an important testimony of the Dutch capacity for water management. The art of taming the water flooding their land, taught them to use it as a means of defence. Thus turning a hostile force of nature into an ally in times of war. Although water has been used as a means of defence in other countries as well, the scale and precision with which the Dutch did it, is unique.

The extension of the existing World Heritage Stelling van Amsterdam with the Dutch Waterline completes the story of the Dutch national defence and the use of water in it. In our opinion it will be an essential reinforcement.


On behalf of all members of the IFC.

Yours sincerely,


Andrea Theissen,

IFC president.



The General assembly of the International Fortress Council accepted the Austrian Society for Fortification Research, the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung, as its newest member-organisation.

The Austrian Society for Fortification Research (OeGF) intends to create a coherent scientific documentation about the construction of fortifications in the Habsburg monarchy. Additionally conservation and utilisation projects in this area are supported on a professional level.



The General Assembly of the International Fortress Council was held on Friday October 14th , 2016 in Toulon





                                                    Musée de la Marine Nationale (Toulon)









Mr. Alain Monferrand, President of the Association Vauban presents a coin, commemorating Vauban's tricentenaire, to Mrs. Andrea Theissen, President of the International Fortress Council.


























The 2015 general Assembly of the International Fortress Council was hosted by Simon Stevin (Belgium) at

Fort V in Bredene (Antwerp) on Friday October 16th, 2015


l.t.r: Jeroen van der Werf, Kees Neisingh (Secretary-general), Mrs Andrea Theissen (President IFC), Luc fellay (Vide-President IFC) and David Basett

Fort Haasdonk, from left to right Mr. Evert Westerhuis (treasurer), Mr. Luc Olyslager (Simon Stevin), Mr. Kees Neisingh (secretary-general)




At its 18th General Assembly, ICOMOS (INternational Council on Monuments and Sites), meeting in Florence, Italy, in November 2014 decided to confger Honorary Membership to Carlos Scheltema for 'his contribution to the life of the organisation and his distinguished service in the field of conservation, restoration and enhancement of historical monuments, sites and groups of buildings'.

IFC congratulates its co-founder and prominent member with this prestigious sward.



The  General Assembly of the International Fortress Council was held in Portsmouth (UK) on the 17th October, 2014.


Mrs Andrea Theissen was appointed by the General Assembly President of the IFC, Mr Luc Fellay was appointed Vice-President.





The General Assembly of the International Fortress Council (IFC) appointed at its meeting in Utrecht (NL) on October 18th, 2013 Mr Dave Bassett (UK), representative of the Fortress Study Group, as Member of the Executive Board of the IFC.